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2024 New Regulations and Opportunities in the Real Estate Sector

Real estate buying and selling transactions constantly change under the influence of economic conditions and legal regulations. In 2024, a number of legal and financial regulations, tax changes, government incentives and financing options that may affect the real estate sector are on the agenda. In this article, we will discuss current regulations and changes that may have potential effects on real estate transactions.

New Legal Regulations

Important legal regulations affecting the real estate sector in 2024 aim to make buying and selling transactions more transparent and reliable. For example, the use of digital platforms in title deed transactions has been expanded, offering a faster and easier process for buyers and sellers. Additionally, stricter identity verification procedures have been introduced to prevent fraud in real estate transactions.

Tax Changes

Changes in tax rates and exemptions directly affect real estate buying and selling transactions. In 2024, adjustments were made to the tax rates on real estate sales gains. These regulations aim to ease the tax burden, especially for those who have long-term ownership. Additionally, environmental incentives such as tax deductions are also offered for real estate that invests in renewable energy sources.

Government Incentives

The year 2024 was met with a series of government incentives supporting the real estate sector. In particular, financial supports have been increased for the construction of energy-efficient buildings and the renovation of existing buildings. In addition, incentives for urban transformation projects and the construction of earthquake-resistant structures encourage investments in this field.

Financing Options

Financing options in real estate buying and selling transactions increase the accessibility of buyers. In 2024, adjustments to mortgage interest rates and more flexible payment plans aim to stimulate the real estate market. Additionally, government-backed housing financing programs have been expanded, especially for first-time homeowners.


Legal and financial regulations, tax changes, government incentives and financing options that may affect real estate buying and selling transactions in 2024 significantly shape the dynamics of the sector. These changes aim to make the market more transparent, reliable and accessible, while providing opportunities for both buyers and sellers. It is important for investors and real estate professionals to closely follow current developments and adapt to these changes. This adaptation process is critical to make the most of opportunities in the real estate sector and minimize potential risks.

In an environment where legal regulations, tax policies, government incentives and financing options are constantly evolving, it has become more important than ever for real estate buyers and sellers to make informed decisions. In this context, professional advice and access to up-to-date information are key factors for success in the industry.

Our recommendation for individuals and investors is to regularly follow sectoral analyzes in order to keep up with the changes in the real estate market and to base their buying and selling decisions on current data. In addition, real estate investments that will comply with the prominent trends of today’s world, such as sustainability and energy efficiency, are among the investments that will maintain and increase their value in the long term.

Finally, in 2024 and beyond, the real estate sector will continue to be significantly affected by both global economic conditions and local regulations. This variability requires actors in the sector to develop flexible and knowledge-based strategies. These strategies will form the basis for successful real estate transactions and protection of investments.

It is of great importance for everyone in the sector to learn more about the legal regulations, tax policies, government incentives and financing options discussed above and to follow current developments. In this dynamic environment, being informed and making the right decisions at the right time is one of the keys to success in the real estate industry.

Source: Emlakdergisi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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