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2024 Property Tax: First Installment Deadline and Payment Period

The time has come for the first installment payment of the 2024 real estate and environmental cleaning tax. Property tax is accrued annually by the municipality where the property is located. It is important for taxpayers to pay their accrued taxes within the installment period in order to avoid delay charges. So, when will the first installment of property tax be paid?

Historical research on property tax payments that concern homeowners has gained momentum. Homeowners want to know the date for the first of the property taxes paid in two installments during the year. Those who want to pay the property tax can pay in cash, or those who want can pay in installments. Here is the 2024 property tax 1st installment payment schedule…


The first installment of the property tax, which will be paid in 2 installments in 2024, can be paid between March 1 and May 31, and the second installment can be paid during November.


Online payments for taxes can be made using either the TR ID number or the registry number.

Additionally, registry, collection and accrual information can be queried from many municipalities via e-government.

Payments can be made at cash desks as well as by postal check, credit card via e-municipality, and via bank transfer or EFT.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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