Finance Minister Addresses Economic Agenda and Dismisses Dollar Speculations

Minister of Treasury and Finance Şimşek evaluated the economic agenda and denied claims that the dollar would reach 40 liras. He stated that certain groups were tirelessly fabricating these falsehoods to sow distrust and uncertainty, particularly escalating the volume during the election period to create apprehension. Additionally, he indicated that inflation would begin to decline from the second half of the year through the implementation of a patient and resolute program.

Regarding the claims about the dollar reaching 40 liras, Şimşek mentioned that such reports and social media posts were exacerbating pessimism and were part of a speculative effort to foster uncertainty, especially during the election season. He also reassured that Turkey was in a good position to find external resources and that the Treasury faced no issues in this regard.

Şimşek highlighted the increase in speculative claims without an economic basis before the elections, aiming to create insecurity and distrust. He emphasized that Turkey had taken significant steps to combat inflation and that inflation would decrease in the coming period.

Şimşek pointed out that the essence of the program included normalization in monetary policy, which would ensure Turkey’s economic stability. He responded to criticisms of the opposition’s economic program, stating that their program was based on a strong political foundation. He also mentioned that credit policy would be directed towards productive areas and that they would make the Turkish lira attractive.

Lastly, Şimşek cautioned against speculative attempts to influence the perception of Turkey in the market and emphasized that Turkey’s economic fundamentals were solid, and their programs would be successfully implemented.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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