$313 million share purchase from foreigners

Non-residents bought $313.4 million worth of stock last week.

Weekly Securities Statistics has been published by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkiye (CBRT).

Accordingly, non-residents bought net $313.4 million of stocks and $4.3 million of Company Debt Securities (CIS) in the week of June 16, and sold $16.2 million of Government Domestic Debt Securities (GDDS).

Foreigners thus realized the highest weekly stock purchase since December 2, 2022.

The stock of non-residents, which was $23 billion 180.7 million as of 9 June, decreased to $23 billion 132.9 million as of 16 June.

In the same period, GDDS stocks of non-residents decreased from $916.6 million to $893.1 million, while SIS stocks increased from $63.3 million to $66.7 million.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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