5 Stocks to Begin Trading with Caution at Borsa Istanbul

The activity observed at Borsa Istanbul indicates that 5 stocks will begin trading with caution. According to Reuters, the Volatility-Based Circuit Breaker System (VBTS) will be applied to AKBNK, BLCYT, BRSAN, BRYAT, and MARTI stocks.

In a statement to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) by Borsa Istanbul, it was noted that BANVT and LINK shares will not be subject to margin trading until the end of transactions dated 04/09/2024. This decision is considered a precautionary measure taken within the framework of the Volatility-Based Circuit Breaker System (VBTS).

Furthermore, MARKA, OYAYO, and SELGD shares will also be subject to order package measures until transactions dated 04/09/2024. Order package measures include restrictions on market order and limit order entries, prohibition of order cancellation, and limitation of order collection information dissemination.

These measures will continue along with previous margin trading bans and gross settlement measures applied to specific shares. There was movement in the fair value of BANVT and OYAYO stocks, which attracted attention with downward trend movements in yesterday’s transactions, while SELGD, MARKA, and LINK shares are labeled as overvalued.

The measures taken at Borsa Istanbul aim to control market volatility and ensure the protection of investors. The impact of these measures on stock prices and trading volume will be observed in the coming period.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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