7th Turkish Capital Markets Congress will start on October 2

Under the main headings of “Economy-Finance”, “Sustainability-Urban Transformation” and “Digitalization”, the issues on the agenda of the world and Turkiye will be discussed with the understanding of “experience of the past and design of the future”.

The Capital Markets Association of Turkiye (TSPB) will hold a comprehensive event on October 2-6, as part of the Turkish Capital Markets Congress and World Investor Week, where it will discuss the issues on the world and Turkiye agenda with prominent leaders of the finance industry, renowned academics and experts.

According to the statement made by the TSPB, the theme of the 7th Turkish Capital Markets Congress, which will be held this year, was determined as “Strong Capital Markets in the Second Century of Our Republic, Strong Turkiye” due to the 100th anniversary of the Republic. The 7th Turkish Capital Markets Congress and the 7th World Investor Week panels, supported by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Capital Markets Board, and the main sponsors of Borsa Istanbul INC, Istanbul Clearing and Custody Bank Inc. and Central Registry Agency Inc., can be watched online.

At the congress, issues on the agenda of the world and Turkiye under the main headings of ‘Economy-Finance’, ‘Sustainability-Urban Transformation’ and ‘Digitalization’ will be discussed with the understanding of ‘experience of the past and design of the future’.

Speakers who are experts in their fields will share their knowledge, ideas and experiences from a broad perspective in the panels that will be held under the titles of ‘Capital Markets from the Past to the Future as we enter the Second Century of the Republic’ and ‘Regional Leadership Journey of Istanbul Financial Center’, ‘Turkiye’s Road Map in the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy and Climate Finance through Capital Markets’ ‘Gender Equality in Our Capital Markets: Strategies and Policies to be Followed at the Institutional Level’, ‘Urban Resilience in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction: Development for Impact and Financing through Capital Markets’, What Kind of Risks and Opportunities Does Digitalization Bring to Financial Markets?’

World Investor Week, supported by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) to inform investors and celebrated in 87 countries, including Turkiye, is celebrated every year in October with various events. World Investor Week, which will be celebrated for the 7th time this year, will take place on 5-6 October 2023. Nearly 40 expert speakers will take part in the panels to be held online for individual investors in cooperation with the Capital Markets Board, Borsa Istanbul Inc. and the Turkish Capital Markets Association.

In the panels, topics such as ‘Ask an Expert on the Ideal Time to Buy and Sell Shares’, ‘Ask an Expert on Common Misconceptions While Investing’, ‘Ask the Investment Specialist with Mutual Funds and BES’, ‘Ask an Expert on the Right Investment Choice in Public Offering’ will be discussed by leading experts in order to inform investors.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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