All transportation & other public payments across Turkiye will now be made with a single card

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloglu made important statements about the eagerly awaited future of the Turkiye Card project. Minister Uraloglu, who is advancing with the aim of spreading the project throughout Turkiye, emphasized that Turkiye Card is revolutionary in the transportation sector.

The Turkiye Card project is a revolution in the transportation sector where urban public transportation services are offered. The project aims to establish a clearing, switch, netting and operation center that includes all stakeholders. Minister Uraloglu also emphasized that they aim to ensure that Turkiye Card can be used as a single card not only in transportation vehicles, but also in money transfers, shopping and many daily needs.

Turkiye Card Project: Becoming widespread!

Turkiye Card project is progressing without slowing down. It was announced that the technical infrastructure processes were completed in Konya and it was stated that the new airport metro line integration in Istanbul was ready. These developments herald that Turkiye Card will be used actively not only in Konya but all over the country.

Minister Uraloglu stated that the contracts made with Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Yozgat and Gumushane Municipalities have been completed. He also stated that they aim to activate the project in 6 more provinces by the end of 2023, in line with the Presidential Annual Program. This means that Türkiye Card will become widespread and public transportation experiences will become even easier.

Revolution in Transportation: Turkiye Card is Ready in All Aspects

The Turkiye Card project represents a radical transformation in our country’s transportation sector. Minister Uraloglu announced that the pilot implementation of the project was successfully completed and the dissemination targets throughout Turkiye.

Stating that they plan to initiate post-contract integration processes on important lines such as Baskentray, IZBAN and Gaziray, Uraloglu stated that they are ready to take big steps forward so that Turkiye Card can be used in 81 provinces. The project will offer a wide range of uses, from public transportation to POS and ATM devices, from municipal fees to parking payments.

Money can be loaded via Turkiye Card, PTT channels, banks, government institutions, online channels, mobile applications and contracted workplaces. In this way, citizens will be able to carry out transportation and payment transactions more easily, quickly and effectively. Turkiye Card goes beyond being just a transportation card and is a payment tool that can be used in every aspect of daily life. This project symbolizes a significant advance in Turkiye’s technological and transportation infrastructure.

Source: Kamubulteni / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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