Almost 100 Million Users in Less than a Week, Threads by Instagram is Shattering Records

Instagram‘s Threads has been the hottest thing all week, and everyone is talking about it. The app launched earlier this week and created waves throughout the tech world alongside social media and entertainment. The app is designed as a direct competitor to Twitter, reigns of which are in the hands of billionaire Elon Musk. The application has experienced a remarkable surge in signups within its first 48 hours. With over 97 million accounts already on the platform, Threads is on track to reach the 100 million user milestone faster than industry giants such as ChatGPT, TikTok, and even its parent platform, Instagram. This article explores the incredible growth of Threads, its advantages for Instagram users, and the response it has elicited from social media rivals like Twitter.

Twitter is now threatening to sue Meta in an attempt to regain its glory

Threads’ meteoric rise can be easily tracked via the number badges displayed on Instagram profiles, which indicate the date of joining the app. The current user count stands over 99 Million, and if the current pace continues, Threads is expected to hit 100 million users within a few hours of this article going live. That is absolutely insane.

To put this achievement into perspective, it took ChatGPT two months to reach 100 million users, TikTok nine months, and Instagram itself took two and a half years. Threads’ accelerated growth can be attributed to its integration with Instagram, allowing the platform’s massive user base of 1.6 billion individuals outside the European Union to seamlessly transition to Threads in one of the biggest platform transitions in history, and engage with its features from day one.

In response to Threads’ rapid ascent and growing competition, Twitter has fired back with a letter threatening to sue Meta, the parent company of Instagram. The letter insinuates that Meta may have employed former Twitter employees with access to sensitive trade secrets. This move is a clear indicator of the level of concern and rivalry between the two social media giants.

Threads’ extraordinary growth within its initial 48 hours is a testament to the app’s appeal and the power of Instagram’s existing user base. With the potential to reach 100 million users faster than its predecessors, Threads has established itself as a scary contender in the messaging app arena.


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