Samsung Tipped To Launch Affordable Galaxy Z FE Foldables But Only After Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung unveiled its fifth-generation Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 last month in the global markets. Both devices are available for purchase in multiple countries and they are pricier compared to their predecessors. Notably, the Z Flip 5 arrives with major upgrades. Samsung fans might be aware that the brand offers a Fan Edition (FE) variant for its flagship devices. The company had announced the first FE variant of the flagship S20 series phones back in 2020 whereas the FE model of the Tab S7 arrived in 2021. Now a tipster has revealed interesting information about Samsung’s plans for future foldables.

Foldable phones are increasingly gaining traction. In the last year,have seen foldable devices from brands like OPPO, Motorola, Google, Huawei, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Samsung’s Galaxy Z foldables are already popular dominating the foldable market segment. However, with increasing competition, it will likely become difficult for the South Korean brand.

As per tipster Revegnus, Samsung is reportedly considering an FE version of the Galaxy Z Fold or Z Flip. This means that we may get an affordable foldable phone from the company. For those unaware, the FE version is often an affordable albeit toned-down variant of flagship devices. The features and hardware of the FE foldable phones would likely be downgraded compared to the non-FE devices, however, we can still expect a flagship-like performance of we consider the specifications of previous FE models of the Galaxy S-series devices and the Tab S7 FE. This would be a welcome move since every generation of foldable phone is getting pricier.

The downside to the cheaper Galaxy Z FE foldable phone is that we will have to wait very long. Revegnus added that it will only launch after the next-generation Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 which will probably arrive in the second half of next year. Additionally, the tipster mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE which has been widely rumoured is expected to launch soon. The South Korean brand will also focus on consistently launching the FE branded devices annually.


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