Antalya Luxury Yacht Production Sets Records: 705 Yachts and $1.69 Billion Revenue Since 2000

Antalya Free Zone produced 705 luxury yachts from 2000 to 2024, generating $1.69 billion in revenue, and broke a record by selling 93 luxury yachts in 2023. It is thought that a new record will be reached in 2024.

In Antalya Free Zone, one of the world-famous centers in luxury and ultra-luxury yacht production, 705 luxury yachts with a total length of 12 thousand 863 meters were produced from 2000 to the end of February 2024, generating an income of $1 billion 692 million. The Free Zone, which broke a record with the sale of 93 luxury yachts in 2023, is preparing for a new record in 2024.

Zeki Gurses, General Manager of Antalya Free Zone Inc. (ASBAS), stated that they closed the year 2023 with a trade volume of $1.1 billion, and that 96% of this volume consists of industrial groups and 50% is with European Union countries.

Explaining that 30 of the 88 companies in the region have foreign capital and 50 are in the yacht sector, Gurses noted that the electronics and medical sectors stand out. Gurses said that the ratio of exports to imports in the region is 136%.


Stating that the yacht industry broke records in terms of quantity, length and income in the history of Antalya Free Zone in 2023, Gurses said, “93 yachts with a total length of 1424 meters were delivered to their owners in 2023. The total sales value is $143 million. Yacht sales were made to many countries such as the USA, Russia, Israel, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Ecuador. In 2023, 25 yachts came for yacht maintenance and repair, 10 of which were delivered. 2023 was generally good and we started 2024 quickly.”


Explaining that larger sized yachts started to go to sea as of March, Gurses said:

“Currently, we are having a hard time finding a place to moor a yacht at the dock. There is a high demand for our region in terms of maintenance and repair starting from October 2023. We are currently having great difficulty in finding space for yachts in the open area. It is a good development, after all, it is a sector that creates serious added value for our country. In this way, we create accommodation opportunities in our country, especially for high-income boat owners. We can describe it as an endeavor that goes parallel with Antalya’s tourism activities.”

Explaining that the total luxury yacht production in Antalya Free Zone increased from 2000 to 705 units with a total length of 12 thousand 863 meters as of the end of February 2024, Gurses noted that the total sales value was $1 billion 692 million.

Gurses said that 161 of a total of 194 luxury yachts were completed and delivered to their owners in maintenance and repair, generating an income of $108 million.


Stating that they aim to exceed 2023 by increasing the size of yachts this year, Gurses said:

“We anticipate that 60-70 boats will be launched and delivered to their owners. There was an increase in demand for medium-sized, catamaran and hybrid boats in the world, especially after the pandemic period. Antalya Free Zone meets these demands well with our yacht manufacturer companies. Solar energy-powered boats are also produced.

There are currently boats at the port waiting to be delivered. There are a total of 14 boats, 2 of 53 meters, 1 each of 45, 36, 34 meters, 2 of 27 meters and 7 of 12 meters. We have no mooring space left at the dock. We are in constant consultation with our companies to complete these trial sailing processes as quickly as possible and make room for new boats. We estimate that we will have a full season this year as well.”

Source: Patronlardunyasi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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