Apple raising prices of its battery replacement service for older iPhone models

If you have an iPhone 13 or earlier device with a degraded battery, this may be the best time to get a battery replacement. On its website, Apple has announced that out-of-warranty battery service for all iPhone models (except iPhone 14) will be rising by $20.

For instance, the iPhone battery service by Apple will increase from $69 to $89 starting in March. The iPhone 14 line is not included in this price adjustment, as it already costs $99 for these models from the outset.

Apple currently charges $69 for newer iPhone generations like iPhone 13,iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and iPhone X. iPhone SE and iPhone 8 and earlier models are charged at $49. These prices will last until the end of February and will increase by $20 beginning March 1, 2023.

Apple battery replacement can be performed at Apple retail locations through the Genius Bar, online using mail-in service, or at authorized resellers.

The self-service repair store is an alternative option for official battery repair using genuine parts, introduced by Apple last year.The part prices on the self-service site currently approximately equal the cost of getting it done through Apple. Presumably, the listed self-service costs will also rise at the same time in March.

A few years ago, in 2018, Apple significantly reduced the cost of battery replacements to just $29 in the wake of the iPhone throttling slowdown scandal. This was part of an apology for miscommunication about how iPhone software adjusts CPU performance as the battery degrades. Customers could get their battery replaced to restore full performance.

Battery replacement prices were then set at the $69 level for 2019 and beyond until this latest announcement of a $20 increase.


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