Applikus Startup Studio Launches with $250 Thousand Investment in Each of Its 6 Startups

Applikus was founded by bringing together the startups developed by Tamer Group, which is entering its 4th year in the startup ecosystem.

Applikus, a startup studio model developed by Tamer Group, announced that it started its activities with 6 startups.

Making a statement on the subject, Applikus CEO Kemal Tamer said;

“As Tamer Group, we have been operating in many sectors for 23 years. We terminated our subsidiaries in 2020 and focused on technology initiatives with all our knowledge as of 2021. We established Tamer Capital for early stage investments. Now, we are gathering the 6 startups we developed in 3 years under one roof, Applikus Startup Studio. We aim to reach 20 startups by 2028.

In the first 3 years, we launched only 3 startups in total, namely Fitty, and Defimec, in order to fully understand the dynamics of the startup ecosystem. This year, we are launching our Guru4me, Bookfluencer and Fapprica initiatives. Our entrepreneurs and the pace of startup development are improving day by day. You will see more Applikus entrepreneurs active in the ecosystem soon.”

In the Applikus Startup Studio working model, experienced IT professionals and young entrepreneur candidates with potential start working together by taking part in existing startups. The aim is to transform individuals with a predisposition into Entrepreneur in Residence. Then, the new entrepreneur candidate has the opportunity to take part as co-founder and CEO in the Applikus startup that best suits his skills.

Tamer Capital provides the first investment of $250 thousand per startup. Since the venture and investment are made within the group, there is no dilution in the entrepreneur’s shares during the growth phase.

Applikus startups:

  • Fitty: A mobile application that allows payment for the time spent in sports at contracted gyms without a membership.
  • Car Studio AI: B2B SAAS web and mobile application that places car photos into the automotive studio environment with AI technology.
  • Defimec Blockchain Technologies: An ecosystem of blockchain mobile applications that creates decentralized applications, tokenization platforms and protocols.
  • Guru4me: A personal development mobile application with a versatile agenda where users listen to daily teachings and can adapt these teachings to life.
  • Bookfluencer: A marketplace and social media mobile application that brings together audiobook summary publishers and their listeners.
  • Fapprica: AI-based serial global mobile applications production laboratory using data analytics.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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