ASPILSAN Energy turned its route to the UK and the USA in the export of lithium-ion batteries

Nihat Aksut, Deputy General Manager of ASPILSAN Energy Inc, said, “We will have received the certificate of 18650 batteries named ‘UL 1642’ for the US market in September. We attach great importance to the UK and US markets.”

Aksut answered the questions of AA correspondent at TEKNOFEST held at Ankara Etimesgut Airport, where Anadolu Agency (AA) is the global communication partner for the 8th time.

Expressing that ASPILSAN Energy has 42 years of battery and battery production experience, Aksut said that they produce lithium-ion batteries in the production facility located in Kayseri Mimar Sinan Organized Industrial Zone, which was put into service last year.

Pointing out that ASPILSAN Energy has achieved a first in Turkiye, Aksut said, “Mass production of a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2900 milliamperes and a voltage of 3.68 volts started in June 2022. This production is very valuable because all intellectual, industrial and property rights of the product belong to ASPILSAN Energy. This product was produced as a result of the R&D studies of Turkish engineers. In addition, it is a product that is produced locally with national technology. It is the first mass production facility in this sense in Europe.”

Aksut stated that the battery in question has a wide area of use, and that the battery is used in light electric vehicles, electric bicycles and motorcycles, vacuum cleaners, electrical household appliances and in plant systems produced by ASPILSAN Energy.

Noting that 21 million 600 thousand batteries are produced in the production facility when they work in three shifts with an annual capacity of 220 megawatt-hours, he noted that they are in a position to meet a significant part of Turkiye’s needs.

“There is great interest in our battery in Germany, France, Poland and the Netherlands”

Stating that all the certificates of ASPILSAN Energy’s batteries were obtained from an impartial laboratory in Germany, Aksut said, “We have completed all the required certificates. We will have received the certificate of the 18650 battery called ‘UL 1642’ for the USA market in September. We attach great importance to the UK and USA markets. Since the certifications have been completed in Germany, there is a great interest in our battery, especially in Germany, France, Poland and the Netherlands. We have started exporting to these countries.”

Emphasizing that they have determined new countries for export, Aksut said, “England is a good market. Because England exports its battery systems to the USA. In recent years, the USA has been distant from the Far East and especially Chinese products due to some political factors. It is trying to reduce the amount and number of imports from China day by day. In this respect, ASPILSAN Energy, which is the only lithium ion 18650 cylindrical battery manufacturer in Europe, is a very strong supplier candidate for the US market.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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