Banking Sector’s Loan Volume Reaches 12.203 Trillion Lira Last Week

According to the weekly bulletin published by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), the banking sector’s loan volume increased by 150.917 billion lira last week, reaching a total of 12.203 trillion lira as of February 23.

During this period, the total loan volume rose from 12.052 trillion lira to 12.203 trillion lira.

The total deposits in the banking sector, including interbank deposits, increased by 50.023 billion lira last week, reaching a total of 15.128 trillion lira.

Consumer loans amounted to 1.562 trillion lira, with an increase of 23.344 billion lira as of February 23. Out of these loans, 437.751 billion lira were for housing, 93.100 billion lira for vehicles, and 1.031 trillion 178 billion lira for personal needs.

During the same period, the amount of installment commercial loans increased by 16.997 billion lira, reaching a total of 1.496 trillion 341 billion lira.

Banks’ outstanding individual credit card receivables also increased by 2.3%, reaching 1.273 trillion 609 billion lira. Of this, 561.930 billion lira constituted installment debts, and 711.678 billion lira was non-installment debts.

Legal equity increased As of February 23, the non-performing loans in the banking sector decreased by 2.334 billion lira compared to the previous week, reaching 194.420 billion lira. Special provisions were set aside for 160.550 billion lira of the non-performing loans.

During the same period, the legal equity of the banking system increased by 36.196 billion lira, totaling 2.671 trillion 921 billion lira.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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