Borsa Istanbul Commences Trading with a Stable Opening: Highlighted Stocks at the Launch

Borsa Istanbul kicked off today with a stable opening, with specific stocks garnering attention. The BIST 100 index initiated the day at 8,856.29 points, signaling a neutral market entrance.

The BIST 100 experienced a 0.53% decline yesterday, concluding the day at 8,860.52 points. Throughout the day, the index reached its highest point at 8,970 but dipped to 8,814. In yesterday’s trading session, 35 stocks ascended, while 65 registered a decline. The daily trading volume for the index was 120.2 billion TL, constituting 63% of the total volume.

In the early minutes of trading on the Borsa Istanbul, notable sectors included information technology, food, metal goods, and tourism. The SME sector faced a nearly 2% setback at the opening, while real estate and banking were among the sectors that commenced the day in the negative.

Stocks that initiated the day positively among the BIST 100 shares include:


Conversely, stocks that started the day with a decline in the BIST 100 are as follows:


This week, the BIST 100 continues with a 3% decline, while PENTA has witnessed an increase of over 10% in its weekly value. InvestingPro suggests that the current discount on PENTA is around 41%, anticipating the stock to potentially rise to the 33 TL range within the year, based on fair value analysis.

Furthermore, in PENTA’s ProTips details, emphasis is placed on the low P/E ratio concerning profit growth, highlighting that the stock tends to move contrary to the market trends.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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