Bursa based Company Transforms Plastic Waste into Raw Material for Automotive and White Goods Sectors

A company in Bursa, producing high-performance plastic raw materials by recycling 35,000 tons of waste annually, has become an approved supplier for global automotive and white goods companies.

The firm, which started its operations ten years ago in the Kayapa Organized Industrial Zone, recycles waste materials sourced domestically and internationally into plastic raw materials, contributing to the country’s economy.

The company exports its products to six countries in Europe and Africa, in addition to domestic sales.

Ilkay Yıldırım, co-founder and General Manager of Burpol Polymer Plastics, told AA correspondent that they are working to contribute more to the industry through the research and development center and laboratory they have established.

Yıldırım stated that they mainly supply high-performance plastic raw materials produced from waste to major companies in the automotive and white goods sectors. He said, “We collect plastic waste from Turkey and around the world, sort them out, and turn them into raw materials. In other words, we produce as an alternative to imported plastic raw materials through a special recipe by collecting all plastic waste, such as bumper fragments, yogurt cups, cheese containers, and buttermilk cups, from consumption.”

Yıldırım mentioned that they have been in production for ten years and operate at full capacity. Emphasizing their environmentally friendly approach, Yıldırım continued:

“We recycle 35,000 tons of plastic waste annually to reclaim it as raw material in our country. In doing so, we must operate with certificates from accredited organizations. Because the automotive and white goods industries demand very important certifications from us. Therefore, we need to support both our technology, laboratory network, and R&D network. For this reason, we have ISO-14064 and ISO-14067 certificates. These certificates mean that we measure our carbon ratio. In other words, we have measured how much carbon we emit into nature, both for our products and for our production factory. This is an extremely important issue.”

“We are the Supplier of National Wealth” Yıldırım mentioned that they have received a “RecyClass” certificate from an international organization, explaining that the raw material they produce is made from 100% waste from consumption.

Stating that they reclaim to the main industry by producing high-performance plastic raw material, Yıldırım said, “While doing this, we challenge global giants by obtaining our certificates from internationally accredited organizations.”

Emphasizing the importance of supporting domestic production, Yıldırım expressed their desire for the number of companies capable of producing such high-performance plastic raw materials from plastic waste to increase.

Yıldırım said, “We believe that waste is national wealth. We think that all waste, all industrial products such as paper, glass, plastic, which are found in nature, thrown into the environment, or stored in some way, should be returned to the industry in some way to benefit the country’s economy and circular economy.”

Highlighting the importance of zero waste, Yıldırım added:

“To leave a better, healthier world for our children, we should draw attention to recycling and should be beneficial to the world by producing performance plastic raw materials and performance industrial products from recycled products. We should not warm the world; we should not harm the world. Therefore, I attach great importance to the work we do both economically and environmentally. We are an approved supplier for TOFAŞ and OYAK Renault. We also work with giants in the white goods sector. We have significant globalization goals for our company. In this regard, we have investments in Morocco and Romania. We export to six countries in Europe and Africa. In 2025, we want to serve on three continents, Asia, Europe, and Africa, and introduce the performance plastic raw materials we produce from recycling under our brand name to the whole world.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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