BYD launches the ATTO 3 Electric SUV with a 430km range in the UAE

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer BYD has made a significant stride in expanding its global footprint by launching the highly anticipated ATTO 3 EV in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The launch not only marks the entry of BYD into the Middle East passenger car market but also aligns with the UAE’s ambitious “2050 Zero Emissions Strategic Goal.”

The ATTO 3 was launched in China as Yuan PLUS last year and is the first A-class trendy SUV developed by BYD. It is built on their cutting-edge e-platform 3.0. The vehicle boasts remarkable features, including a strikingly low drag coefficient of 0.29,an impressive acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers in just 7.3 seconds, and a maximum battery range of 420 kilometers (WLTP).

Huang Zhixue, the general manager of BYD’s Middle East and Africa Auto Sales Division, expressed their understanding of the region’s unique climate and emphasized the importance of product localization. To ensure optimal performance in the hot climate of the UAE, BYD conducted a series of high-temperature tests on the Yuan PLUS. This dedication underscores their commitment to providing customers with an exceptional driving experience.

Furthermore, BYD’s commitment to sustainable transportation is evident in its cumulative global sales of new energy vehicles, surpassing an impressive milestone of 4.3 million units as of May 2023. This achievement showcases BYD’s position as a leader in the EV market, driven by its advanced technologies and commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

The launch of the ATTO 3 in the UAE not only introduces an innovative and eco-friendly vehicle to the market but also signifies BYD’s efforts in supporting the UAE’s sustainability goals. By providing an alluring and high-performance electric SUV, BYD aims to contribute to the UAE’s vision of a cleaner and greener future.

As the world transitions towards sustainable mobility, BYD continues to play a vital role by expanding its global presence and offering cutting-edge electric vehicles that combine style, performance, and environmental responsibility.


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