ÇAYKUR purchased 14 thousand tons of fresh tea in the first week of the 2024 campaign

According to information from the ÇAYKUR General Directorate, the 2024 fresh tea purchasing campaign started on Saturday, May 4. So far, the institution has purchased 14 thousand tons of fresh tea.

In connection with the start of the fresh tea purchasing campaign, ÇAYKUR General Manager Yusuf Ziya Alim and ÇAYKUR Rizespor Technical Director İlhan Palut gathered at the Ziraat Botanic Tea Garden to harvest tea.

General Manager Alim explained to Technical Director Palut how the harvest is done.

After the harvest, Palut, who picked tea for the first time, wished a fruitful season to producers and industrialists.

Stating that he has been in Rize for about 8 months, Palut said, “We are aware of what tea means for the region. Hopefully, it will be a fruitful year.”

Pointing out the quality of Turkish tea, Palut said, “It’s extremely natural, the only tea in the world that gets snowed on. It’s pure, a delightful tea to drink. Once you get used to drinking tea in Rize, drinking tea elsewhere doesn’t give the same pleasure. It’s extremely high quality and enjoyable.”

Palut, who experienced tea picking for the first time, said, “It’s very enjoyable to be in the garden among the greens and it relieves one’s stress. Every job is stressful, and ours is too. From the outside, tea picking seemed more difficult and complicated to me, but when we entered the garden, it seemed doable and practical. It was a beautiful experience.”

“On the road to Europe, we still have our ambition” Ilhan Palut also touched upon the remaining three weeks in the Trendyol Super League, saying:

“Even though our path to Europe is not as smooth as before, we still have our ambition. Football is a game that can yield any result. We will try to finish a season where good performances are displayed with good games and results. We will go out to matches with the same seriousness and try to get good results. There are always questions about whether I will stay at Çaykur Rizespor. I am in a positive mood. We are making all our preparations. We have started planning for the next year of Rizespor. There are details of negotiations. At the moment, my team and I see the board of directors, the city, and the community, and we view it positively. We continue negotiations with positive feelings.”

ÇAYKUR General Manager Alim thanked Palut for participating in the fresh tea season program and harvesting and wished producers a fruitful season.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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