Istanbul Unveils Alibeyköy Logistics Center: A Leap Towards Preserving Historical Peninsula

The opening of the Alibeyköy Logistics Center marks a significant step in Istanbul’s mission for sustainable urban development, focusing on environmental preservation and improved urban mobility.

In a significant development aimed at enhancing urban logistics and preserving the cultural heritage of Istanbul, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu announced the opening of the Alibeyköy Logistics Center. The ceremony, held in Eyüpsultan and attended by the CHP Eyüpsultan Mayor candidate Mithat Bülent Özmen, marked a pivotal moment for the city’s efforts to alleviate traffic congestion and improve pedestrian safety in and around the Historical Peninsula.

Strategic Shift in Urban Logistics

The Alibeyköy Logistics Center, positioned as a modern alternative to the Police Bus Terminal in Yenikapı, is designed to limit vehicular traffic and enhance pedestrian mobility within one of Istanbul’s most significant tourism and commercial areas. İmamoğlu emphasized the project’s broader impact, stating, “Today, we are in Eyüpsultan, Alibeyköy. But the work we do here has an impact on the Historic Peninsula.” The center aims to reduce the strain of wheeled transportation systems on historical sites,promote clean energy transportation, and regulate cargo movements stemming from retail and wholesale commercial activities within the Peninsula.

Environmental and Social Benefits

More than just a logistics hub, the Alibeyköy Logistics Center is designed to be environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, adding approximately 65,000 square meters of green space. The center will also serve as a social facility and sports area, positively affecting Eyüpsultan and Kağıthane neighborhoods. İmamoğlu highlighted the project’s alignment with the city’s broader environmental objectives, including the decision to cancel a previously planned treatment facility in favor of utilizing existing capacity, thus preserving valuable green spaces.

Political and Legal Challenges

The project has not been without its challenges, including legal and administrative hurdles that have delayed the relocation of the Police Bus Terminal’s services to the new center. İmamoğlu criticized the resistance from certain government officials and emphasized the need for cooperation to ensure the project’s success. Despite these obstacles, the IMM President remains committed to the initiative, seeing it as a crucial step in protecting Istanbul’s historical and cultural heritage while improving urban mobility and quality of life for its residents.

The Alibeyköy Logistics Center represents a significant investment in Istanbul’s future, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable urban development, environmental preservation, and the well-being of its citizens. As the city looks forward to the realization of the Yenikapı Culture Park, the project underscores the importance of strategic planning, collaboration, and resilience in overcoming challenges for the greater good of Istanbul and its people.

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