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Winds of Change in the Real Estate Market in 2023: Why Have Lands Become a Popular Investment?

The year 2023 has been a turning point for the real estate market. Economic fluctuations around the world accelerated investors’ search for safe havens. In this process, land has become one of the prominent investment tools. So why and which strategies were successful?

The New Star of Investment: Lands

Search for Economic Stability: Uncertain economic conditions have directed investors to land investments that are less risky and have high long-term return potential. Lands have the potential to gain value, especially by being at the focal point of urban transformation and development projects.

Urban Expansion and Planning: Urban expansion projects and planning of new living spaces in big cities have made land attractive, especially on the periphery of cities and in areas that may become valuable in the future.

Seeking Sustainable Investment: Investors prefer land investments, taking into account factors such as contributing to environmental sustainability and protecting green areas. This increases the value of lands suitable especially for agricultural and energy projects.

Strategies for Success

Regional Analysis: For a successful land investment, a detailed analysis of factors such as the demographic structure of the region, future urban planning and development projects is required. Investors should conduct comprehensive market research to identify regions with high potential returns.

Long-Term Planning: Lands are generally a long-term investment tool. It is important for investors to be patient and have a long-term perspective so that they can wait for the development process and value increase on the land.

Diversification: Portfolio diversity is one of the most effective ways to minimize risks. Investors can distribute their risks by including land in different regions and with different potentials in their portfolios.


In 2023, land became one of the investment tools that became a star in the real estate market. Economic uncertainties and urban transformation projects have made land investments even more important. Regional analysis, long-term planning and portfolio diversification strategies come to the fore for a successful investment. Investors can make the most of opportunities in the real estate market by applying these strategies.

Source: Emlakdergisi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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