Commencis Introduces Artificial Intelligence Language Model for Banking and Finance: Commencis LLM

Commencis, the leading technology company in the field of digital transformation, announced Commencis LLM, developed specifically for the banking and finance sectors, as the first product of its artificial intelligence-based language model series with Turkish language support. This model, trained with data sets customized to the needs of the sectors it targets, was designed to increase efficiency in functions such as customer services, content production and data analysis.

Based on sectoral needs and trained with customizable data sets, Commencis LLM has the capacity to improve user experience in critical functions such as live support and data analysis in different sectors such as banking and finance, as well as aviation, insurance and telecommunications. With the server-side installation (on-premise) option developed based on high privacy and security standards, companies will be able to use Commencis LLM in their own infrastructure with full security.

Commencis LLM; Llama 2 was developed as a product of extensive research and data generation activities on language models such as Mistral, Zephyr, OpenChat 3.5. During the development process, the Commencis engineering team worked intensively on Amazon Web Services’ high-performance GPUs for three months. As a result of these studies, a language model was created that has highly developed Turkish language skills, has question-answer capabilities in different fields, especially banking and finance, and can function as a virtual assistant that can respond to user requests.

Commencis Chief Information Officer Duru Kizilkayak said: “With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we have achieved countless digital success stories by collaborating with leading banks and financial institutions. Commencis LLM set out with the aim of significantly improving the customer experience of banks thanks to its in-depth understanding and interaction capabilities. With Commencis LLM, we aim to make the problem-solving processes of the banking and finance sector more efficient, thus reducing their costs and improving the quality of service offered through digital channels. In the coming period, increasing customer loyalty through hyper-personalization and fast responses and providing competitive advantage to companies in the sector are among our primary goals.”

Commencis enables banks and financial institutions to transform their digital channels with the latest technologies with its digital banking products, payment, identity verification and end-to-end customer experience solutions for the financial sector. The use of artificial intelligence enables companies to better understand customer behavior, provide personalized services, automate transaction processes and increase security measures.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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