Turkish Carpet Exporters Expand to West Africa: Target Market Contacts Successful

Companies that are members of the Southeastern Anatolia Carpet Exporters Association, which carries out the majority of carpet production in Turkiye, made contacts in West African countries determined as target markets.

Zeynal Abidin Kaplan, President of the Southeastern Anatolia Carpet Exporters’ Association, stated in his written statement that, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, they have successfully completed their contacts in West Africa, the new target of carpet exporters.

Kaplan stated that they had various contacts for a week in the West African countries Mauritania and Senegal with a delegation of 27 people and said that carpet manufacturers, who had to take a break from their overseas activities for a while after the earthquake, organized visits with trade delegations to Kenya, Tanzania, Malaysia, Australia and India, and this time they turned the route to West Africa.

Kaplan pointed out that the carpet industry is a sector of great importance for Turkiye, providing direct and indirect employment for more than 100 thousand people. “Our most important target in our search for new markets in order to guarantee the future of our industry, which is important to us, and to ensure sustainable exports, was the African market consisting of 54 countries, and the contacts made here were successful.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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