Comodif Secures Investment Valued at $7 Million for Connected Mobility Technologies

Comodif, a local startup that provides services in the field of connected mobility technologies, received investment from Arz Portfolio at a valuation of $7 million.

Connected mobility company Comodif draws attention with its innovative work in the field of vehicle connection technologies. With the motto “Reveal the power of mobility data”, Comodif offers solutions for traditional and electric vehicle manufacturers and last-mile delivery companies by analyzing the data produced by all types of vehicles in motion. In the connected vehicle vertical, Turkiye’s leading automotive manufacturer Tofas and Fiat Connect are growing their product together.

With its constantly developed software technology, Comodif offers users opportunities such as remote access to their vehicles, setting speed and distance limits, receiving instant accident notifications, location tracking, obtaining battery data in electric vehicles, and evaluating driving performance. Thanks to the MobiHub platform, where these services are provided, it contributes to vehicle manufacturers’ product development by providing in-depth information through big data analysis.

Comodif’s latest product, DeliHub, aims to increase the safety of couriers and ensure the transportation and tracking of products in more efficient conditions, thanks to connected mobility technology, during last-mile delivery and transportation of products that require different temperature conditions, such as food and medicine. DeliHub stands out with its ability to remotely view, analyze and report parameters such as temperature, speed and vibration of the transported products.

Comodif CEO Erol Kaynak said about the new investment;

“This investment we received gives us great momentum in our innovation journey in the world of connected mobility. Connected mobility has the power to transform not only our vehicles in the future, but also the shape of our cities, societies and daily lives. As Comodif, we aim to be a pioneer in this transformation and take mobility experiences to new dimensions.”

Arz Portfolio Board Member and General Manager Mr. Murat Onurk summarized Arz Porfolio’s investment approach as follows:

“The technological innovations and sustainable solutions we see in the connected mobility sector are signs of a rapid transformation process. In this process, startups that stand out with their innovative ideas and strong visions have an important place. As Arz Portfolio, we see it as a priority to invest in high-potential startups that will shape the industry, such as Comodif. We will continue to contribute to Turkiye’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and support the growth of innovative projects by supporting technology and innovation-based startups.”

Comodif, which became a spinoff at the beginning of 2021 and achieved significant success in a short time, was selected for Endeavor’s “Scale Effect” program in 2022 and was subsequently accepted for EIT Urban Mobility’s “Scale-Up” program. In addition to these successes, the company also managed to get accepted to the “Endeavor Scale Up Program 2024”, where only 10 startups were accepted worldwide.

Founded at Fark Labs, with Ahu Serter and Serdar Urcar on the board of directors; Continuing its activities under the leadership of Erol Kaynak, Ebru Ersan and Behnan Ardic, Comodif aims to open up to new markets with the investment it receives and to become a player on a global scale by improving its product diversity and technologies.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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