Connecting Turkish Technology Companies: PitGrowth Unites the Sector on a Single Platform

PitGrowth, which has a mission to bring the technology world together and is co-founded by Serkan Yagiz, who has been collaborating with startups at Microsoft Turkiye for years, brings an innovative breath to the sector by bringing technology companies together on a platform, starting from Turkiye.

By listing more than 15 thousand Turkish technology companies, PitGrowth makes the potential in the sector accessible to everyone.

PitGrowth’s journey, which started in 2022 with Serkan Yagiz and Ozkan Yagiz, started with the aim of establishing a network that aims to facilitate access to reliable service providers and external resources. In just 1.5 years, the company generated $1 million in business volume between service providers and technology companies.

In the second phase of the initiative, it turned its focus to corporate companies. At this stage, PitGrowth has implemented a platform to increase accessibility, ensure visibility, accelerate digital transformation and follow the progress of technology companies. While it can be difficult to follow the developments of startups, ISVs, scaleups and other technology companies in the technology ecosystem, this process becomes easier with the opportunities offered by PitGrowth. It is now possible to instantly follow the growth and scaling of global companies and keep up with innovation.

Connecting Turkish Technology Companies: PitGrowth Unites the Sector on a Single Platform 2

PitGrowth platform brings together a wide range of participants, from corporate companies to investors, from innovation hubs to technoparks, from consultants to suppliers. With features such as instant sectoral analysis, trend industries, detailed product and company analysis, and artificial intelligence-supported in-page search, users will have the opportunity to follow all developments in the sector.

It has now become easier for many companies in the technology ecosystem to follow detailed trend analyzes and take instant actions with PitGrowth. Corporate companies, on the other hand, will be able to create company-specific demand lists in digital transformation and make announcements to technology companies about the technologies and products they are looking for. Technology companies will be able to find potential business partners, increase their visibility, and inform their customers, investors, and the ecosystem with a single click, without having to prepare a sales presentation.

Connecting Turkish Technology Companies: PitGrowth Unites the Sector on a Single Platform 3

“We are getting into the details. We focus on growth.”

Serkan Yagiz, co-founder of the initiative, said: “By closely examining the growth processes of technology companies, investors will be able to catch potential opportunities in advance, and corporate companies will put technology companies on their radar based on usage scenarios and actual usage analyses. In addition, technology companies will be able to announce their developments and new references to every stakeholder in the sector 360 degrees from a single point. We go into the details of the initiatives and focus on their growth processes.”

We tried to create a structure that maximizes agility and communication in digital transformation. Thus, technology companies can increase their visibility both locally and globally with PitGrowth.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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