Bursa-based startup focused on online food ordering: Acmiyiz, the new online food ordering site that aims to breathe new life into e-commerce, has announced that it has started operating. The online platform, which was established to bring consumers and producers together, started to serve with 24/7 support operation and the most up-to-date infrastructure.

With today’s digital sales models keeping up with the latest technology, new service lines continue to emerge., the new online food ordering site with commission-free and fast-payback restaurants, started operating.

The online platform, which will serve throughout Turkiye, aims to bring a new breath to the sector so that both the consumer and the producer can shop with confidence.

Hakan Ozaydin, General Coordinator of, the online food ordering site, which is one of the many different business lines within the Bursa-based Buhara Group, expressed that they want to contribute to Turkiye’s online trade volume reaching the world-class market share. With the platform, which was put into service after 3 years of infrastructure work, it is aimed that sellers reach more consumers and buyers reach more products easily and safely by accelerating the trade within Turkiye.

Underlining that unlike the existing digital sales models, no commission fee is charged from restaurant owners, Hakan Ozaydin stated that store owners do not have long-term waiting periods for payments. also offers a wide range of services that can sell food in retail, cash at the door and payment by credit card.

Saying that they have established state-of-the-art infrastructures so that users can shop happily and safely, General Coordinator Hakan Ozaydin stated that they offer the most up-to-date technological infrastructure in terms of software and hardware. Stating that they have made it their mission to bring e-commerce to a practical level that everyone can access and benefit from, Hakan Ozaydin stated that they aim to become an international brand in the information and trade sector with the growth plan they have created in the coming years.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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