Denebunu received an investment of $1.8 million for its newly launched Samplico and Sorbunu platforms

Consumer experience and insight platform Denebunu received an investment of $1.8 million in the pre-Series A investment round, with the participation of APY Ventures, Arya VC and Maxis Innovative GSYF, in the round led by Eksim Ventures.

Denebunu, which offers end-to-end marketing, software solutions and market research services to brands, received investment for Samplico, which it launched in the UK, and Sorbunu, the newly released SaaS market research platform.

Founded in 2016 by Duygu Ozgun and Baris Yesilcicek, Denebunu now reaches very difficult to reach target audiences with its partner brands, thanks to its nearly 4 million user base and more than 500 million data points, with advanced segmentation techniques, and allows brands to benefit from the content created by users.

Denebunu Founding Partner and CEO Duygu Ozgun stated that they carried the success they achieved in Turkiye with their unique technological solutions and data-oriented perspectives abroad in the last investment tour, and gave the following statement about the aims of the investment tour:

“We aim to use the investment obtained from this round for the growth of our UK subsidiary Samplico and the SaaS market research platform Sorbunu, which we launched last year, in both the Turkish and UK markets. Our aim is to be the only platform that comes to mind when it comes to ‘User Generated Content’ (UGC), which brings together all companies, large and small, regardless of their volume, with hard-to-reach target audiences in the fastest way, and conveys the voice of the consumer as far as possible.”

With the investment raised, it is aimed to expand Denebunu UK subsidiary Samplico and to support and global expansion of Sorbunu, the new generation hyper-fast market research platform launched in Turkiye as of March 2023.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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