EasyCep Expands Internationally with First Store Opening in Azerbaijan

EasyCep, one of Turkiye’s largest refurbished electronic device markets, opened its first experience and sales store in the capital of Azerbaijan within the scope of its international growth strategy. The new store, which is the company’s 150th meeting point with its customers, is located on one of the most prestigious streets in Baku. In cooperation with Nar, one of the country’s largest mobile operators, EasyCep introduces consumers to the advantages of refurbished phones in Azerbaijan.

EasyCep, one of the pioneering initiatives of Turkiye’s refurbished phone market, continues its international growth with its sustainable and innovative business model.

The company, which took its next big step abroad after Qatar, in the capital of Azerbaijan, opened its first experience and sales store on 28 May Street, one of the most prestigious streets in Baku.

EasyCep, which aims to renew nearly 340 thousand electronic devices this year after quadrupling its growth in 2023, will introduce consumers in Azerbaijan to the economic and environmental advantages of budget-friendly refurbished phones with its new store.

EasyCep, which meets the reliability needs of consumers with its customer experience-oriented approach, cooperates with Nar, one of Azerbaijan’s leading mobile operators, and offers refurbished phones, expert technical inspection and renewal services, and a rich range of accessories. The 12-month warranty provided by Nar for refurbished phones is a first that will transform the second-hand phone market in Azerbaijan.

EasyCep Founding Partner and CEO Mehmet Akif Ozdemir said on the subject;

“We continued our international journey, which started in Qatar, with Azerbaijan and cooperated with Azerconnect, the country’s leading communications company, and Nar, one of the leading mobile operators. This time, we are proud to open our own store in Azerbaijan as our 150th meeting point with our customers. We believe that consumers in Azerbaijan will quickly adopt our more accessible, environmentally friendly and professional services with the reliable, flexible payment options we offer by renewing old phones.”

While EasyCep, Turkiye’s renewed electronic device platform, expects to obtain 5% of its total turnover from international operations in 2024, this strategic step strengthens EasyCep’s determined progress towards becoming a regional player and its mission to introduce the advantages of renewed electronic devices to consumers.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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