EBRD and Truffle Capital will invest in Turkish company DG Pays

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced that they decided to invest in the Turkish financial technology company DG Pays for the second time and Truffle Capital company announced that they decided to invest in the Turkish financial technology company DG Pays for the first time.

A press conference was held at Turkiye’s Embassy Residence in London regarding the decision of EBRD and Truffle Capital to make the second investment in the Turkish financial technology company DG Pays.

Presidential Investment Office President Burak Daglıoglu, EBRD Turkiye Manager Arvid Tuerkner, Truffle Capital CEO Bernard-Louis Roques and DG Pays CEO Serkan Omerbeyoglu attended the meeting.

The investment in question is one of the most important international investments made in Turkiye in the field of financial technology (fintech).


EBRD Turkiye Manager Tuerkner stated that he was pleased with EBRD’s second investment decision for DG Pays and said that this was a great success.

Noting that EBRD has made investments in Turkiye in the field of fintech, Tuerkner said that they are looking forward to continuing the partnership with DG Pays.

Tuerkner stated that Turkiye is a very important country for the EBRD and has great potential in terms of investment and market.


Truffle Capital CEO Bernard-Louis Roques also stated that they are a leading company in the field of fintech and said that they pioneered this field in Europe in 2014.

Stating that this investment is their first investment in Turkiye, Roques stated that the quality and background of the entrepreneurs in the invested companies stand out.

Roques noted that the company works in the fields of production and service and has started to become international, and stated that the size and quality of the developments are impressive.

Stating that they are a company that provides technical resources in Turkiye, Roques said that there is a competitive environment in Turkiye, similar to Europe.


Bernard-Louis Roques emphasized that they were very impressed by this and said, “One of the benefits of the company’s presence in Turkiye is that it is the front line of access to the Middle East. This is something that is generally carried out more successfully in Turkiye than in Europe.”

Stating that they also met with European companies in similar markets, Roques stated that DG Pays is currently larger than European partners and has access to that region.

Roques also stated that DG Pays also has better access to the Middle East, saying that this is a very good combination.

Pointing out that the current support of EBRD, which has an excellent reputation in the region regarding investment in Turkiye, is important, Roques noted that they believe there is potential in this investment.


DG Pays CEO Serkan Omerbeyoglu also thanked Presidential Investment Office President Daglioglu for his contributions and EBRD for their support.

Omerbeyoglu also thanked Truffle Capital CEO Roques and stated that they were honored by the investment made by Roques’ company.

Omerbeyoglu said that they could learn a lot from Roques due to his great experience in the European market.

Explaining that, as a very young company, DG Pays has grown rapidly within 7 years and become a leading technology company, Omerbeyoglu said, “We continue to bring foreign investments to our country and increase the value of our company by increasing our investment valuation in the last 2 years. With the recent investments we received, our company value reached over $600 million. We will continue to work with our goal of becoming a critical player globally in the fintech sector by continuing our strong growth in Turkiye and abroad.”


Presidential Investment Office President Burak Daglioglu also emphasized Turkiye’s growing economy and strategic position and said:

“While a total of 325 transactions took place in early stage technology investments in our country in 2023, fintech became one of the verticals with the most transactions with 33 investment rounds. The most important strength of our country’s technology ecosystem comes from its talented entrepreneurs and qualified employees. This international investment received by DG Pays, one of the important players in the sector, also shows the belief in the potential of our country and the increasing investor interest in our country. As the Investment Office, one of our biggest goals is to increase international direct investments and improve our country’s investment environment in order to contribute to our country’s economy under the leadership of our President.”

Source: Patronlardunyasi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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