Economic Confidence Index in Turkiye Reaches 99 in April

The economic confidence index decreased by 1% on a monthly basis in April, reaching the value of 99.

Turkish Statistical Institute announced the economic confidence index data for April.

Accordingly, while the economic confidence index was 100.0 in March, it decreased by 1.0% in April and reached 99.0.

In April, compared to the previous month, the consumer confidence index increased by 1.4% to a value of 80.5, the real sector (manufacturing industry) confidence index remained unchanged at 103.5, the service sector confidence index decreased by 2.8% to a value of 117.1, the retail trade sector confidence index increased by 1.9% to a value of 115.5, and the construction sector confidence index remained unchanged at 88.6.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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