EU construction production rises 4.8% in 2021

December production in construction declines 1.8% in EU

Average construction production increased 5.2% in the euro area and 4.8% in the EU last year, compared to 2020, Eurostat said on Friday.

In December 2021, however, production in construction decreased 3.9% in the euro area and 1.8% in the EU, from the same period of the previous year, according to the bloc’s statistical office.

The largest annual decline was observed in Germany with a 13.6% contraction, followed by Slovenia with 6.4%, and Austria with 4.3%.The highest increases were recorded in Hungary with 29%. It was followed by Italy with 19.3%, and Sweden with 9.6%.

On a monthly basis, production in the construction sector in December 2021 decreased 4% in the euro area and by 3.1% in the EU, compared to November 2021.


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