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Exclusive Discount Opportunity at Eternia Launch! Exciting New Project!

The Eternia project, developed by Arso Group, offers special discounts during the launch period. The project, consisting of 227 residences, is scheduled for delivery in May 2025.

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Exclusive opportunities are provided during the launch period of the Eternia project, bearing the signature of Arso Group. The Eternia project features 227 residences.

Located in the beloved destination of holidaymakers, Antalya, the Eternia project offers residences designed in 1-bedroom + 1-living room, 2-bedroom + 1-living room, and 3-bedroom + 1-living room configurations.

Now, when will the deliveries of the residences in the Arso Group Eternia project take place? What are the prices of the residences in the Arso Group Eternia project? How many months of installment are available for the project? Here are the answers to the curious questions and details about the Eternia project…

Exclusive Launch Discount at Eternia

The deliveries of the residences in the Eternia project are planned for December 2025.

With prices starting from $175,000 in the Eternia project, discounts are offered for upfront payments. For residences in the project, a 50% down payment also provides an 18-month installment option.

Situated 3.5 kilometers from the airport and 5 kilometers from the sea, the Eternia project includes amenities such as a sauna, swimming pool, fitness center, covered parking, and a lobby.

source: emlakkulisi.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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