Exergy to supply turbine for HEZ Enerji geothermal power plant in Aydin, Turkiye.

Exergy has signed a deal with Hez Enerji for the design, engineering, and supply of the 24-MW geothermal binary power plant in Bilecik, Turkiye

EXERGY INTERNATIONAL, a global provider of clean energy technology, leader in new generation geothermal ORC power plants, signed a deal with Hez Enerji for the supply of a 24 MWe geothermal binary plant, the Bilecik HEZ Morali JES-1 unit, for the exploitation of the customer’s geothermal field in Aydin, Turkiye. The ORC power plant is planned to be delivered by Q2 of 2024 and start up is forecast before the end of 2024.

With this new order, Exergy reaches a new milestone exceeding the mark of 500 MWe total capacity in its portfolio and confirms its leadership in the geothermal market.

HEZ ENERJI is an energy company with 9 geothermal license areas under development in the Aydin, Manisa, Denizli, Bilecik and Nigde regions for a total of 42,434 hectares.The company started its exploration activities in 2016 and is continuing to develop its production wells with the intention of exploiting the geothermal potential of the license areas that has been estimated to be around 300 MWe of total capacity.

EXERGY will be responsible for the design, engineering, and supply of the power plant. The design of the binary system consists of a cycle utilizing two Radial Outflow Turbines (ROT) of 12 MWe each and an air-cooled condensing system. The project involves the local manufacturing of the turbines and generator that will be delivered by Exergy’s subsidiary company in Turkiye, EXERGY Turkiye, allowing HEZ ENERJI to benefit from the Made in Turkiye incentives.

The project will contribute to further raising the share of renewable energy production in Turkiye, one of the top 10 countries worldwide for geothermal power generation with 1.7 GWe of installed capacity and one of the fastest growing in recent decades. Once in operation, the new HEZ Energy power plant will reduce CO2 emissions associated to an equal production of fossil fuel power generation in the measure of approx. 70.000 tons/y, and contribute to reaching the country’s decarbonization goals.

Luca Pozzoni, General Manager of EXERGY INTERNATIONAL commented: “This new contract is a recognition of the high reliability and quality of our technology and services and our ability to serve the Turkish market.”

Pozzoni continued: “We are honored to have a new client in our geothermal portfolio, and we are sure that this will be the beginning of a long-lasting business partnership. We are committed to continue developing the geothermal power potential in Turkiye.”


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