Exports of $3.1 billion from the automotive industry in October

The automotive industry increased its exports by 16.6% last month compared to October 2022, taking a 13.5% share of Turkiye’s total exports.

According to Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB) data, October exports of the Turkish automotive industry increased by 16.6% compared to the same period last year, reaching $3 billion 87 million. The industry’s share in Turkiye’s total exports was recorded as 13.5%.

Supply industry exports stood out as the largest product group in foreign sales in October with $1 billion 196 million.

Compared to the same month last year, passenger car exports increased by 34% in October, reaching $1 billion, and bus, minibus, midibus exports increased by 53%, reaching $214 million.

Exports of motor vehicles for transporting goods amounted to $446 million, and exports of tractors amounted to $184 million.

Export increases based on product groups

There was a 7% increase in exports to Germany, which is the country with the most exports in the supply industry, compared to October last year. Among the important markets, export increases of 10% to the Russian Federation, 17% to France, 24% to the USA, 70% to Romania and 31% to the United Kingdom were noteworthy.

93% to France, which is one of the important markets for passenger cars, 25% to Italy, 91% to Poland, 27% to Spain, 100% to Algeria, 144% to Sweden; There was a 60% increase in exports to Slovenia and 38% to Italy for motor vehicles for transporting goods.

In the bus, minibus, midibus product group, export increases of 60% to France, 59% to the USA, and three-digit export increases to Italy, Germany and Spain were recorded.

Exports to EU countries increased by 20% and to African countries by 63%

Products worth $437 million were sent to Germany, the country with the most exports in automotive. Exports worth $373 million were made to France, the second largest market, with an increase of 48% compared to October last year.

It was determined that there was a 4% increase in exports to the United Kingdom, reaching $296 million, 27% to Italy, 35% to Spain, 37% to Poland, 63% to Romania, 51% to Portugal, and 54% to Sweden.

Automotive products worth $2 billion 125 million were exported to the European Union (EU) countries, which are the largest market with a 69% share on a country group basis, with an increase of 20%. While other European countries ranked second with a share of 11%, exports to this group of countries increased by 0.4%. The increase in exports to African countries was 63%.

Evaluating the figures, OIB Chairman of the Board of Directors Baran Celik said, “We ranked first in Turkiye’s exports again. At the same time, we achieved the highest October exports to date. I congratulate all the exporters who contributed. In the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we are taking firm steps towards the record of our Republic’s history and double happiness.”

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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