Fish produced in Elazig are exported to 25 European countries

The salmon and trout of Elazig, which ranks first among the provinces that produce the most trout in inland waters with 160 active enterprises established on the Keban and Karakaya Dam lakes, are exported to Russia, the Netherlands, Germany and 25 European countries, especially Japan.

In the Keban and Karakaya dams of Elazig, which ranks first in trout production in Turkey, both production and employment are increasing day by day. While trout production reached 21,500 thousand tons per year in 160 enterprises established on the shores of Keban and Karakaya Dam Lake, it increased 7 times in salmon compared to the previous year and reached 7 thousand tons.

Produced fish are sold to Far East and European countries after being processed in factories in Keban district of Elazig and Mugla. Explaining the statistical data on trout and salmon production and export, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Turan Karahan noted that with the increase in fish production, they added significant added value to the economy of the city and the country.

Karahan stated that 21 thousand 500 tons of trout, produced on 68 thousand hectares of water surface, are exported to 25 countries, including Russia, the Netherlands and Germany. He added saying that they have produced 7 tons of salmon, which has increased 7 times compared to the previous year, and that they send it to many Far East countries, especially Japan.


Turan Karahan, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, stated that Elazig ranks first in trout production in inland waters, said “We have a very good potential due to the water quality in the analyzes we have made. Therefore, we took this potential into account. We came to the rank of the 1st province in Turkey that produced the most trout in inland waters, with an installed capacity of 35 thousand tons and a production of 21 thousand 500 tons last year in our 160 active enterprises, which entered a development trend in 2006 and are located on the Keban and Karakaya Dam lakes at this point.”

“We have exported the fish we produce from here not only to the table of people in Turkey, but also to about 25 countries, especially Russia and the Far East countries, the trout grown in the quality waters of our Keban waters. Not only trout, we also exported to Far East countries by raising around 7 thousand tons of salmon in these quality waters this year, which we started last year and exported around 450 tons. Therefore, the trout sector, salmon sector and aquaculture sector contribute significantly to the agriculture and economy of not only our province of Elazig, but also our Keban district, but also of the whole of Turkey.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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