Focusing on increasing the sales of e-commerce companies, Juphy received an investment of $900 thousand

Juphy, which automates product sales and customer support 24/7 through e-commerce websites and social media accounts, received an investment of $900 thousand.

Juphy, an artificial intelligence-based domestic B2B SaaS initiative that enables e-commerce companies to provide effective customer support and increase sales in social media channels, received an investment of $900 thousand in its third investment round.

Three institutional funds and eight unnamed angel investors participated in the investment round, including Simya VC, APY Ventures and Arya Women’s Investment Platform, and ARYA GSYF, which was established within Maxis in cooperation with Turkiye Is Bankasi.

With this investment round, Juphy has increased its total investment amount to $1.2 million.

Founded in 2019 by Osman Erdi Balcioglu, Eyup Ibisoğlu and Alara Eren Iplikcioglu, Juphy is used by more than 2000 companies in 98 different countries, mostly in North America.

Juphy’s artificial intelligence-based sales assistant module automates product sales 24/7 through e-commerce websites and social media accounts, offering companies a seamless solution for customer targeting and sales boosting.

Sharing her post-investment views, Juphy co-founder and CEO Alara Eren Iplikcioglu told egirisim;

“With our third investment round, we have been accepted to Alchemist Accelerator, one of the world’s best startup accelerator programs, one of the partners of Alchemy VC, in San Francisco. In this process, our main goal is to increase our sales in North America and Europe and to grow our team by improving the automation, data analysis and reporting features of Juphy.”

In the past years, Juphy has been selected as the best product for ease of use many times in G2, America’s largest B2B SaaS review platform, and had a record-breaking 36-day sales on AppSumo. Juphy, which has been able to make global sales since the first day, has a customer satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5 in more than 1000 customer comments on platforms such as G2, Product Hunt and AppSumo.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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