For American companies leaving Russia, the route is Turkey

The delegation of 10 people who went to the USA returned with full hands. In the meeting, it was stated that US companies fleeing from Russia could invest in Turkey, and it was emphasized that our country could be a supply base.

The 10-person trade delegation formed by the Presidency completed its contacts in the USA and returned home. The results of the contacts were also discussed at a meeting held in the Presidency. The delegation, which came together with the officials of the US Department of State and Trade, businessmen’s associations and think thank organizations, discussed the uninterrupted continuation of the dialogue mechanism on commercial issues and the solution of the problems. In the meeting, where it was decided that a delegation of politicians and businessmen from the USA would visit Turkey as soon as possible, it was decided that the Turkey-USA businessmen meeting would be held in the USA in June, after a two-year hiatus. The main agenda item of the talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the S 400s. During the meeting, the assessment was made that “We are warmly interested in hosting the western capital, especially the American companies, fleeing from Russia by Turkey. But Turkey should not become a base for Russian capital.”


It was decided to give priority to investment areas related to new industry areas, digital transformation, e-commerce and digital technologies for the development of trade between the two countries. It was emphasized that while the EU countries’ investments in Turkey reached $150 billion, the USA’s was limited to $14 billion and this should be increased. Discussions about the global supply chain were another agenda item of the meeting. How Turkey can play a role in the global supply chain was discussed.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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