Gasoline sales increased by 42.81%, diesel sales increased by 7.67% in November

According to Petroleum Industry Association (PETDER) data, gasoline and diesel sales increased in November.

Gasoline sales increased by 42.81% year on year to 370 thousand 295 cubic meters. In the same month, diesel sales increased by 7.67% to 2 million 860 thousand 851 cubic meters.

Fuel oil sales increased by 44.84% to 27 thousand 241 tons, while kerosene sales decreased to 159 M3 with an increase of 31.40%.

It was stated that autogas sales increased by 0.11% to 244 thousand 649 tons.


In the January-November period of 2021, there was an increase in gasoline and diesel sales.

While gasoline sales increased by 26.07% to 3 million 560 thousand 551 cubic meters, diesel sales increased by 9.88% to 29 million 200 thousand 827 cubic meters.

Fuel oil sales decreased by 15.83% to 150 thousand 801 tons, kerosene sales decreased by 15.27% to 1,837 cubic meters, and autogas sales amounted to 2 million 903 25 thousand tons with an increase of 7.34%.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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