German automaker Volkswagen to offer vehicles online

Around 2/3 of customers want to purchase vehicles online, executive says

Germany-based global auto manufacturer Volkswagen announced on Wednesday that it has launched online sales and leases of new vehicles in the country.

Customers will be able to lease new vehicles online, as the all-electric ID.401 and ID.502 models will be offered initially, and they will be later joined by the ID.303 model.

Volkswagen’s ID. series consist of battery electric cars.

“We are one of the first major automotive manufacturers to offer complete online leasing of freely configurable vehicles,” said Klaus Zellmer, member of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management responsible for Sales, Marketing and After Sales.

“Surveys show that around two-thirds of our customers also want to be able to purchase our vehicles online,” he added.

Zellmer noted that online sales will not replace the brick-and-mortar dealership, but stressed that the company needs a strong online presence.


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