Google’s AI Breakthrough: Detecting Natural Disasters 7 Days in Advance

With its new artificial intelligence technology, Google will detect possible flood disasters 7 days in advance and inform users. Here are the details!

Google continues to make a name for itself with its work in artificial intelligence. The company showed how its new artificial intelligence will work with the video it shared on its official YouTube channel yesterday.

Unfortunately, the unexpected occurrence of natural disasters can cause serious damage and loss of life. By working in this direction, Google will inform people by making predictions exactly 7 days before any flood disaster occurs.

Google Predicts Floods 7 Days Ahead

Google’s new artificial intelligence system processes and evaluates multiple data and makes a prediction. Thanks to this system, it will provide information 7 days in advance against a possible flood disaster, making it easier for people to prepare, perhaps change location and take precautions in advance.

Of course, floods in some locations are difficult to predict,but Google aims to overcome this with its advanced artificial intelligence technology. With artificial intelligence trained with various data such as floods, river level data, elevation and terrain, many people’s lives will be saved.

Google’s new artificial intelligence system currently includes 80 countries where flood predictions can be made. Turkiye is also registered in the system that offers predictions through Google Search, Google Maps and Android notifications.

Source: expatguideturkey

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