Interest of foreign investors in the air conditioning sector in Turkiye is increasing

Zeki Poyraz, President of the Turkish Air Conditioning Assembly of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkiye (TOBB), stated that there is a great interest of foreign investors in the companies in the air conditioning sector and said, “Foreign investors want to establish a facility from scratch or purchase a company in Turkiye.”

Zeki Poyraz, President of the Turkish Air Conditioning Assembly of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkiye (TOBB), gave information about the developments in the air conditioning sector.

Stating that the air conditioning sector in the world is growing every year, Poyraz said that a trade figure of $580 billion was reached by the end of last year. Poyraz stated that Turkiye’s share in this pie is approximately 1.3%, and they aim to increase it to 1.5%.

Poyraz stated that as of the end of September, Turkiye’s exports increased in value compared to last year and reached $5.4 billion, and said, “Our exports per kilogram amounted to $6.1. There is an increase of approximately 17% compared to last year. These developments signal that we are on the right track.”

Emphasizing that Turkiye is concentrating on R&D activities to get a greater share of the global market, Poyraz stated that the sector is in a race with the world to develop new technological products and services and commercialize them.

“Turkiye has a great chance due to its geographical location”

Poyraz pointed out that there is a need for mechanisms that provide competitive advantage in the sector and made the following evaluation:

“Turkiye has a great chance due to its geographical location, we should make good use of it. On the other hand, the European Union (EU) is making the rules of the game harder day by day. There is a need to comply with EU commercial rules and design one step ahead. The development of foreign accredited test laboratories in our country is of great importance for both the air conditioning sector and other branches of industry. We work closely with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). As a result of our cooperation, a laboratory was established for the testing of our products.”

Pointing out that foreign investors have high interest in Turkiye, Poyraz explained that the country is seen as an important production and logistics base with its proximity to consumption points, especially the EU, and its workmanship quality.

Poyraz stated that China has established important partnerships in Turkiye in this field and said, “Not only Chinese, but all foreign investors want to establish facilities from scratch or purchase companies in Turkiye.”

“15-20 centimeters of insulation should be mandatory in new buildings”

Poyraz also touched upon the importance of providing insulation in buildings and said:

“The building sector has a 32.7% share in energy consumption. In our country, a significant part of our existing building stock, especially public buildings, is unfortunately uninsulated, but the public is aware of the situation and is working seriously. Studies on energy efficiency in Turkiye are carried out within the scope of the Energy Efficiency Action Plan. Some of these are the creation of the ‘Nearly Zero Energy Building (NSEB)’ concept with changes in energy performance in buildings, launch of the ‘Thermal Insulation Campaign in Residences’ for buildings without thermal insulation updating the energy saving target in public buildings to 30% and preparing a guide to achieve this target, and regulations for energy efficient heat pumps. As you can see, we are not behind in this regard.”

Emphasizing that the sector should be prepared for the rapidly changing EU trade rules, Poyraz said that a road map needs to be prepared for this.

Poyraz pointed out that areas that will increase energy efficiency such as insulation and heat pumps should be supported and said:

“TSE Insulation Standard should be updated, 15-20 centimeters of insulation should be made mandatory in new buildings. Standards prepared for indoor air quality in schools should be put into practice. A solution to the technical staff shortage should be found by increasing the quality of vocational high schools. The concept and standards of professional engineering should be determined, and a professional insurance should be created for this field.”

Pointing out that they have carried out many studies in this field as the sector council, Poyraz added that they have recently made measurements to ensure indoor air quality, especially in schools.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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