International Airlines Technical Partnership Conference started in Istanbul

The 128th International Airlines Technical Partnership (IATP) Conference started in Istanbul, hosted by Turkish Airlines (THY) Technic Inc., one of the world’s largest aircraft maintenance and repair (MRO) companies.

Approximately 700 people and 198 companies from 6 continents will attend the 4-day conference in a hotel in Yenibosna.

In his opening speech, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat, Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of THY and THY Technic Inc., expressed his pleasure in hosting the 128th edition of the organization where aviation professionals came together.

Bolat stated that the conference aims to discuss the problems experienced in the global aviation industry and produce common solutions to the problems. “This conference is of great importance in terms of discussing innovative ideas and creating a vision for the future of the sector. It is also an important platform for strengthening collaborations and developing joint projects. We are sure that this important event, combined with the historical and cultural riches of Istanbul, will offer an unforgettable experience to the participants.”

THY Technic Inc. General Manager Mikail Akbulut said that IATP was established in 1948.

Reminding that IATP was established to support the cooperation of different airline operators on technical issues, Akbulut said, “This is the 128th conference. This conference is sometimes held once a year, sometimes more than once. It was previously held in Istanbul in 2011. THY hosted it then too, and this year we are hosting it as THY Technic Inc.”

“The aviation industry is growing”

Akbulut pointed out that representatives of 125 airlines, 41 technical maintenance companies and 32 aircraft supplier companies attended the conference and said:

“The program actually started on Saturday. We took company representatives around different parts of Istanbul. One-on-one meetings were held. The official opening of the conference was held today. It will continue tomorrow. On Wednesday, we will host representatives of 65 companies at THY Technic Inc.’s facilities at Istanbul Airport. Technical collaborations are discussed at the conference. In the meetings to be held today and tomorrow, how these partnerships will be established and developed will be discussed. The aviation industry is growing. As aviation grows, technical details also increase. New engines are entering the system. The engine issue was not on the agenda in the meetings that are normally carried out for such technical maintenance. From now on, it was decided to consider engine issues as the subject of these associations.”

The conference, which continues in different sessions, will last until October 11.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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