International investment position data has been announced

As of the end of July, Turkiye’s foreign assets were $298.7 billion and its foreign liabilities were $588.9 billion.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkiye (CBRT) announced the International Investment Position (IIP) data for the July 2023 period.

Accordingly, compared to the end of July 2022, Turkiye’s foreign assets decreased by 3.1% to $298.7 billion, and its liabilities decreased by 5.7% to $588.9 billion. Thus, net IIP, defined as the difference between Turkiye’s foreign assets and liabilities, was minus $290.2 billion in July.

Net IIP was at minus $316.1 billion at the end of 2022.

The reserve assets item decreased by 13.3% compared to the end of 2022 in July, reaching $111.6 billion, and the other investments item increased by 3.3%, reaching $124.9 billion. During this period, bank assets and deposits in foreign currency and Turkish lira, which are sub-items of other investments, increased by 11.7% and reached $50.2 billion.

Direct investments (capital and other capital) decreased by 24.3% to $154.6 billion in February compared to the end of 2022, due to the effects of changes in market value and exchange rates.

Portfolio investments reached $89.9 billion

Portfolio investments decreased by 3.6% in July compared to the end of 2022, falling to $89.9 billion.

In the same period, the stock stock of non-residents decreased by 2.3% to $28.1 billion, and the stock of government securities owned by non-residents decreased by 32% to $800 million and the Treasury’s bond stock (after deducting the bond stock purchased by domestic residents) increased by 1.5% to $42.6 billion.

Other investments increased by 5.4% in the relevant period, reaching $344.3 billion. In the same period, foreign currency deposits of non-residents in domestic banks increased by 2.6% to $42.7 billion, and TL deposits increased by 4.4% to $14.7 billion.

While the total credit stock of banks increased by 2.9% to $57.9 billion, the total credit stock of other sectors increased by 0.2% to $100.6 billion.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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