Investment in greenhouses will surpass 1000 acres in Erzincan with new investments

With its geothermal resources, fertile soils, and microclimate characteristics, Erzincan, which attracts the attention of investors more each day in greenhouse farming, will exceed 1000 acres of greenhouse area with new investments.

Supported by the Governorship, Provincial Special Administration, and the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry in recent years, over 600 acres of greenhouses have been established in the city, where 200 entrepreneurs are engaged in production.

Following the directive of Governor Hamza Aydoğdu, an area of 525 acres has been designated for the establishment of new greenhouses in the city. The area, whose infrastructure will be provided by the Provincial Special Administration and the municipality, will be put out to tender in parcels of 10-15 acres each and allocated to investors.

Investors who will benefit from this new area, where approximately 30-40 enterprises will be established, will also set up their greenhouses and start production with grant support from the government.

With new investments, the greenhouse area in the city will exceed 1000 acres, and Erzincan will make a name for itself in the region with vegetable production.

“We have created a new greenhouse area of ​​525 acres.”

Governor Hamza Aydoğdu told AA correspondent that Erzincan, located on the North Anatolian Fault Line, has very fertile soils. Aydoğdu stated that they have been working for a long time to increase greenhouse areas in the city and said:

“The lands of Erzincan are very suitable for both regular agriculture and greenhouse farming. So far, the greenhouse area established in Erzincan is 600 acres. We have been working intensively with our colleagues to use vacant lands for cultivation and greenhouse areas. There has been a hectic work for 4 months with NGOs, farmers, and the government to figure out how we can increase our greenhouse areas and make them available to our citizens. As a result, we have created a new greenhouse area of ​​525 acres.”

Aydoğdu emphasized that due to the climate conditions and daylight in the city, Erzincan will soon become the leading province in greenhouse farming. He said, “If we use greenhouse areas efficiently for production this year and in the following years, Erzincan will be the province with the most greenhouse area in the Eastern Anatolia Region. Our goal here is to produce. For this purpose, we are doing our best with our colleagues to use agricultural lands efficiently. If we produce, employment will be created as a result. Where employment is created, our youth and people will not migrate elsewhere.”

Greenhouse operators who have started production invite investors to the region

Prof. Dr. Tolga Karaköy, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences and Technology at Sivas Science and Technology University, explained the importance of converting geothermal resources into production in greenhouse farming in Erzincan.

Stating that Governor Aydoğdu attaches great importance to the utilization of geothermal resources for production in the city, Karaköy said, “We are doing whatever is necessary here as a company. We have also established an exemplary facility in Erzincan in this regard. Greenhouse activities can be easily carried out in Erzincan. As long as we provide heating and climate control inside the greenhouse, we have the chance to easily obtain high-tonnage products here.”

Tuncay Sarısu, owner of a geothermal greenhouse, pointed out that the climate conditions in the city are very suitable for geothermal greenhouse farming and invited investors to the city.

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