Investment invitation to Turkish entrepreneurs from Mauritania

Mauritania Energy Minister Abdusselam Vild Muhammed Salih invited Turkish investors to invest in his country.

President Mohammed Sheikh al-Ghazwani, Minister of Energy Abdusselam Vild Muhammed Salih and Minister of Economy Osman Mamadou Kane attended the invitation organized by the Mauritania Investment Agency in Washington.

Minister of Energy Salih said that their target market for LNG, mines and minerals is Europe and invited Turkish investors who want to work in this field to his country.

Salih said:

“Turkish investors know Mauritania, our political relations are at a great level. There are mutually developing relations between Turkiye and Mauritania. We are currently selling some of our iron mines to Turkish companies. These companies are based in Algeria, but they still buy from us. I think there is considerable investment potential in many other areas. I predict that Turkiye will continue to import more iron and steel from us.”

Mauritania Investment Agency Director Aissata Lam stated that the national income that will increase with the sale of LNG will change the future of the country, adding, “Many Turkish companies operate in the field of construction and fishing, especially in the free zone in Nouadhibo in the north of the country. We have started to see investors in the service and health sectors as well. You have a very high-level health system and hospitals in your country. We would like to invite investors in this field from Turkiye by organizing special trips to get inspiration from you.”

Explaining that companies using modern methods in gold and phosphate mining, they anticipate that production will increase as they operate in Mauritania, Lam added that they expect investments from Turkish companies in these sectors as well.

At the meeting, within the scope of agreements signed with US-based companies, investors will grow animal feed with the help of irrigation systems they will install on the banks of the Senegal River in the south of the country.

Gold mines

In the country, which has also begun to attach importance to mining activities, especially gold mines have come to the fore recently and Turkish companies have investments in this field.

While the new reserves discovered in the Atlantic Ocean are changing the fate of the country, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project continues at full speed.

While the Mauritanian government is preparing to use the resource to be obtained from this resource for new investments in the country, the value of the reserves is estimated to be $4.8 billion.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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