Istanbul Card Revolutionizes Minibus Payments in Pilot Arnavutköy District

Istanbul embarks on a pioneering Fare Integration Project, allowing minibus payments with Istanbul Card. A significant leap towards a seamless transportation network.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative, launching a ‘Fare Integration Project’ that for the first time allows payments in minibuses through the Istanbul Card. This pilot project, initiated in the Arnavutköy district,marks a significant step towards fully integrating Istanbul’s public transportation system, offering passengers the benefits of transfer and discount advantages previously unavailable in minibuses.

Seamless Transportation Vision

The project kicked off with an initial batch of 9 minibuses, which were upgraded to bus status, demonstrating IMM’s commitment to enhancing the public transportation experience. The aim is to extend this service across all of Istanbul, ensuring a seamless and efficient transportation network. Gürkan Akgün, IMM Deputy Secretary General, highlighted the project’s significance at the introductory meeting, emphasizing the transformation it signifies for Istanbul’s transportation landscape. Akgün shared the vision of a comfortable, integrated transportation service and addressed the initiative’s role in resolving the transportation tradesmen’s challenges.

Benefits and Implementation

The Fare Integration Project introduces a multitude of benefits for minibus passengers, including eligibility for free transfers and discounts, aligning with the advantages offered by other public transportation modes in Istanbul. Initially, vehicles with a capacity of 17+1 seats are included in the project, covering a wide array of lines within the Arnavutköy district. The project’s success in Arnavutköy is seen as a blueprint for the subsequent city-wide rollout, promising a significant improvement in public transportation accessibility and convenience.

Future Prospects

As Istanbul looks forward to the expansion of this project, the integration of minibuses with the broader public transportation network represents a pivotal advancement. This initiative not only enhances the daily commute for millions of Istanbul residents but also supports the city’s sustainable transportation goals. The project stands as a testament to IMM’s proactive approach to solving urban mobility challenges, setting a precedent for other cities to follow.

The launch of the Fare Integration Project in Arnavutköy is more than just a pilot; it’s a glimpse into the future of urban transportation in Istanbul. As this initiative unfolds, the city anticipates a more connected, efficient, and user-friendly public transportation system, heralding a new era for commuters and the city’s transportation infrastructure.

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