Istanbul’s highest and lowest retail prices and price increase rates have been announced

In Istanbul, the product whose price increased the most in February compared to the previous month was cauliflower, and the product that decreased the most was intercity bus tickets.

In order to ensure the transparency of the markets and inform the public, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) announced the products with the highest and lowest retail prices in Istanbul in February, with their prices and change rates.

Accordingly, while the retail prices of 133 of the 242 products in the Istanbul Wage Earners Living Index of ITO increased, the prices of 9 products decreased and the prices of 100 products remained unchanged.

In February, cauliflower, which is included in the fresh and dried vegetables and fruits subgroup of food expenditures, was the product with the highest price increase with 36.71%.

Some of the other products whose prices increased were eggplant with 34.24% and cucumber with 25.50% from the food expenditures vegetables and fruits subgroup, price increases in clothing expenditures were terylene (polyester yarn) with 20.97% from the fabrics subgroup, and food expenditures were green pepper with 18.88% from the vegetables and fruits subgroup, quince with 17.78%, lettuce with 17.45%, and bedding sets with 14.29% from the household goods expenditure group.

Products with the highest price decrease

In February, intercity bus ticket prices, which are included in the transportation and communication expenditures group, decreased by 15.45%, making it the product whose price decreased the most.

Other products whose prices decreased were spinach with 6.09%, tomato paste with 11.45%, eggs with 1% and sugar cubes with 0.84% from the food expenditure group.

Source: / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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