Kayseri marked 14% increase in the Machinery Sector Exports

Besides furniture, the city, known for manufacturing electrical appliances, steel doors, and plastic products, is also making a mark in the machinery export sector.

Kayseri, one of the prominent industrial cities in Central Anatolia, aimed to assert itself in the machinery sector by increasing its export value, which amounted to $148,242,000 last year, a significant rise from the previous year’s $130,690,000, marking a 13.4% increase.

Ranked 14th in machinery manufacturing in Turkey, the city manufactures metal and wood processing machines, among others.

With its exports to many countries and its success in the sector drawing attention, Kayseri is determined to increase its market share.

Mehmet Büyüksimitci, a Board Member of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and President of the Kayseri Chamber of Industry (KAYSO), told AA correspondent that Turkey achieved $28.1 billion in machinery exports in 2023. He noted that there has been an increasing trend in machinery manufacturing and exports in recent years.

Büyüksimitci emphasized that Turkey both exports machinery globally and satisfies a significant portion of its domestic demand. He highlighted the remarkable progress in technological machinery manufacturing.

He pointed out that there are ongoing efforts in the machinery sector in Kayseri, with a 13.4% increase in exports in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Büyüksimitci also mentioned the emergence of new companies in the city, stating:

“As Kayseri, we are conducting various studies within KAYSO regarding the development of the machinery sector. Recently, especially in metal-cutting machine tools, we are among the leading companies in Turkey. While our existing companies are increasing their capacity, new companies are also emerging. Therefore, in the coming years, Kayseri will make a name for itself in machinery, just as it did in furniture and steel doors. Currently, the machinery sector ranks 4th in exports in Kayseri. Hopefully, we will bring this sector closer to furniture and steel doors, and eventually surpass them.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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