Kocaeli became the export champion of January in automotive: Exports to Germany increased

The city with the highest exports in the automotive industry last month was Kocaeli with $746 million 378 thousand.

According to the information compiled from the Turkish Exporters Assembly data, the automotive industry achieved the highest January exports last month with $2 billion 779 million 940 thousand.

Kocaeli maintained its position as the province with the highest automotive exports, with exports of $746 million 378 thousand. The city was followed by Istanbul with $706 million 748 thousand and Bursa with $493 million 534 thousand.

Sakarya, one of the important provinces in the automotive industry, ranked fourth with exports of $394 million 585 thousand, and Ankara ranked fifth with $111 million 671 thousand.

In January, on an annual basis, Kocaeli’s automotive exports increased by 11.9%, Istanbul’s exports increased by 7.1%, Bursa’s exports increased by 1.4% and Ankara’s automotive exports increased by 38.4%. As of the same period, there was a 20% decline in Sakarya’s automotive exports.


Germany continued to be the largest market for the Turkish automotive industry’s exports in January. The amount of automotive exports from Turkiye to this country last month was recorded as $416 million 745 thousand.

Germany was followed by the United Kingdom with $333 million 957 thousand, France with $272 million 68 thousand, Italy with $260 million 260 thousand and Spain with $170 million 925 thousand.

In January, the Turkish automotive industry sold goods worth $80 million 941 thousand to the USA, $61 million 50 thousand to the Russian Federation, $17 million 368 thousand to Ukraine and $14 million 293 thousand to Egypt.

Exports to France, Spain and the USA decreased

In January 2024, exports to France and Spain decreased compared to the same month last year. While exports to Germany increased by 1.3%, exports to the United Kingdom increased by 11% and exports to Italy increased by 31.4% in January, exports to France decreased by 4%, exports to Spain decreased by 21.8% and exports to the USA decreased by 21.5%.

Source: Sabah / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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