Local mobile gaming startup Frantic Games receives $2.4 million investment in pre-seed round

Local startup Frantic Games, which develops mobile games, announced that it has received an investment of $2.4 million in the pre-seed round they have completed.

500 Emerging Europe and Akin Babayigit participated in the investment tour led by vgames. This investment will provide a great opportunity for Frantic Games to develop new games and reach new players.

In the statement given by the founders to egirisim about the investment the following was said;

“With the funding, we plan to increase our game development capacity, grow our team and expand our global player pool. We want to provide our players with games that inspire and enjoy, but also excite. We remain committed to building a community that shares as much gaming passion as we do.”

Kursad Can Mutlu is a mobile game studio founded in Ankara in November 2022 by Ali Dal, Anil Duyal Baydir and Alican Sayan as 4 partners.

Founding team; has expertise in various fields such as software development, product management, game design, art management. In addition to being the industry’s leading companies such as MagicLab Games, Loop Games, Ruby Games in their past; They have been involved in projects such as Match 3D, Match Tile 3D, Touchdown Glory, Epic Race and Fidget Trading, which have achieved global success and reached the top of their categories.

“At Frantic Games, our most valuable resource is our passion for game development. We will continue with great pride and happiness this opportunity we created to share this passion with our players. We continue our efforts at full speed to develop high quality and original games in the hybrid-casual category, to publish them all over the world, and to meet people who are at least as passionate about games as we are.”

With their expertise in the mobile game industry, it is their top priority to start new game projects that meet the expectations of the players, satisfy both themselves and the players, and to offer the best possible experiences to the players.

Lead investor Daniel Mironov from vgames said;

“We are very excited that vgames has led another investment round in Turkiye. With their extraordinary talents, unwavering passion, constructive minds and strong experience in the gaming industry, we have no doubt that the Frantic Games team will push the boundaries of the gaming industry and offer unforgettable experiences to players all over the world. We are very excited to join this adventure together.”

Enis Hulli from 500 Emerging Europe said:

“Turkiye’s gaming ecosystem has proven itself day by day. Looking back at the team’s history and achievements in games, it was a unique opportunity to invest in the Frantic Games team.”

Akin Babayigit, one of the investors;

“I am very happy to support the Frantic Games team, who impressed me with their creativity, diligence and perseverance. They are smart, ambitious, and most importantly, they know the mobile game market inside and out. I look forward to what they will achieve in the coming years.”

Finally, the founding partner and CEO of the initiative, Kursad Can Mutlu, said;

“With the guidance and investment we received from vgames, Emerging Europe 500 and Akin Babayigit, we will set sail for new horizons in the hybrid-casual category. As Frantic Games, the most important element we see on the way to success is the team. With the investment, we will expand our team and work to create extraordinary experiences for players.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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