Media and advertising investments approached 141 billion liras in 2023

In a statement from the Advertisers Association (RVD), the results of the “Turkey 2023 Estimated Media and Advertising Investments Report,” prepared by Deloitte on behalf of the Advertisers Association (RD), Interactive Advertising Association (IAB), Outdoor Advertising Foundation (ARVAK), National Radio Broadcasters Association (URYAD), Mobile Media Research Marketing and Advertising Association (MMA TR), were shared.

According to the report, estimated media and advertising investments in 2023 increased by 120 percent compared to the previous year, reaching 140 billion 690 million liras, with media investments totaling 119 billion 110 million liras, and advertising investments such as production, printing, and advertiser service fees reaching 21 billion 580 million liras.

Digital investments, which reached a volume of 86 billion 500 million liras last year with a growth of 136.9 percent, accounted for 72.6 percent of the total. Within digital investments, displays on mobile devices, video content that can be broadcasted on gaming consoles and smart TVs with internet connection, and works such as audio advertising, music, and podcasts stood out.

TV advertising investments amounted to 24.9 billion liras Click and impression-based applications on social media received a budget of 39 billion 524 million liras, while brands allocated 3 billion 269 million liras to native content shared without disrupting the viewer’s reading/watching flow.

The amount paid for television advertisements reached 24.9 billion liras in 2023, increasing by 94.5 percent compared to the previous year. Advertisement durations on television decreased by 5.2 percent, while the number of advertisers decreased by 7.1 percent.

Outdoor media and advertising investments, which grew by 138.6 percent, reached 5 billion 8 million liras. Radio advertisements increased by 101.9 percent to 1 billion 623 million liras.

Press media, with a total investment of 792 million liras, grew by 42.5 percent in 2023. While there was a 16.5 percent decrease in the number of advertisers investing in newspapers, there was a 5.6 percent decrease in advertisement durations. The finance, retail, and construction home decoration sectors were the most prominent users of newspaper advertisements.

Cinema advertisements grew by 65.6 percent to 183 billion 320 million liras, with a 28.3 percent increase in the number of advertisers in this field.

Turkey is growing above the world average in media and advertising investments According to the report, total media investments worldwide reached 874 billion dollars last year, with an expected increase to 916 billion dollars in 2024, with a 5.2 percent increase. Among the countries with the highest increase in global media investments are Turkey, India, Mexico, and Indonesia.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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